Monday, April 30, 2012

Full Days

We are SO ready for summer around here. The warm weather and longer days have made it hard for us to get to bed on-time!

In an effort to see where our time goes each day, I took one photo each hour, for an entire day. Pretty interesting huh?

6:30am- Alarm at 6am. Showered quickly and made coffee. Lunches and breakfasts assembled. 
7:30am- Dropped off Afton at school while Maisy was at home with Jeff. 
8:30am- Cleaned bathrooms and kitchen. Then dusted. 
9:30am- Maisy had been playing Barbies so nicely while I cleaned. Now it was my turn to join in.
10:30am- Went to 'Open Play' at the Grapevine Rec Center. Maisy loves it.
11:30am- Ran to the Post Office on the way home. 
12:30pm- Lunch on the patio with Maisy. Then we sat by the pool and watched a caterpillar. 
1:30pm- Maisy napped. I completed Etsy orders and made something for me- Chevron headband!
2:30pm-Wake Maisy from nap so we can pick-up Afton from school.
3:30pm- Homework time- reading and spelling practice. 
4:30pm- Soccer practice for Afton. Maisy and I watch/play from the sidelines. 
5:30pm- Driving home.
6:30pm- Decided to do dinner out- no one feels like cooking tonight. 
7:30pm- Should be getting girls ready for bed, but we play outside and eat popsicles instead.
8:30pm- Girls are now asleep, so I work on my blog, answer comments, and emails.
9:30pm- Cut and sort labels for 'Samantha Conner Designs'- while watching tv with Jeff.
10:30pm- Eat a big bowl of Butterfinger Blast ice cream, I am running 12 miles in the morning:)
11:00pm- Bed time!

------So what else have we been doing???

Maisy has been dressing up like a witch (inspired by Mother Gothel from Rapunzel).

We wait for Daddy to come home.

Afton started up her own business... a lemonade stand. Notice Maisy under the table :) 

Afton ended up earning $8 and sold out in about 30 minutes. She used her money to buy some new markers and chalk. 

On Earth Day, Afton insisted we pick-up trash at the lake. So we did.

And we enjoyed a little picnic by the water too. 

Maisy is turning into such a big girl. She is really good at making her own fun. 

We've been to just about every park we can find. 

The butterflies and spring flowers have kept the girls busy exploring. 

Our friends took us out on the lake. The water was a cool 69 degrees- but that didn't stop this bunch!

And finally, I took the girls to see "Annie". It was Maisy's first trip to Casa Manana. They were both so good and loved the production.

After the show, we got some ice cream and gummy worms.

Life is good. :)

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