Monday, May 30, 2011

Cake and a Boat

May has all but disappeared, where did the time go?!  My birthday rolled around again, 31 this time. I am blessed with so many friends and a loving family to celebrate with me! I got to enjoy dinner at my mom's house, a night out at the movies to see "Bridesmaids" and lots of fun in between.

Swimming, pizza, cake and all-around silliness at Dad's house.
A night out with the girls and our hubbies in Fort Worth- Tillman's and the Martini Bar
Our little family, dinner at Anamia's and then home for cake.
Afton and Jeff baked me a fabulous cake.
Memorial Day Weekend we spent in our swimsuits. Maisy discovered the joy of goggles and Afton continued her love of water tricks with Daddy. 

Maisy wore these goggles, just like this, on her head for a good 2 hours.
Sunday was spent on Lake Grapevine with our neighbors. The kiddos lasted all day! Everyone was happy to be on the water.

Jaime, Bryce, and Tyler

This was Maisy's first time on a boat.

Afton was so brave in the lake! She even swam after a duck.

Mr. Mallard decided he like our group, we supplied him with lots of Goldfish.

Maisy loved driving the boat.

To our soldiers: May God bless you, each and every one. For all that you do for us each day. We will keep you in our hearts and for your safety we will pray. 

Hope your Memorial Weekend was restful, relaxing and fun.

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