Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Graduate and Glinda

It's official, Afton has successfully completed Pre-Kindergarten and has graduated from preschool.

On Monday she walked across the stage, accepted her diploma, a bible and a hug.

As Afton stood on stage, the teacher said: "Afton Conner's favorite foods are hot dogs, oranges, and apples. At school she likes to play in the kitchen center. And when she grows up, Afton wants to sing and dance on stage." 

Jeff and I are so proud of our big girl :) 

We celebrated her accomplishment with a trip to Yogurt Land. 

This year has been amazing for Afton. Both of her teachers are loving, kind, and creative. She learned so much and had a lot of fun with her sweet little class.

This weekend Afton traded in her cap for a crown. Glinda's crown to be exact.  Our sweet friends Vivi and Jennifer invited us to see "The Wizard of Oz" at Casa Manana.

"There's no place like home, there's no place like home. "

We decided to let the girls dress up for the play and Afton just had to be Glinda. She has watched the movie every day this week and loves the story. So she and I worked to create the "Glinda crown" and sew a "puffy pink skirt with stars".

The girls thoroughly enjoyed the show. The music, costumes, and acting were superb. And afterwards, they met the cast and had them autograph the playbills.

The witch was pretty scary, but Afton couldn't wait to see her up close. 

Who knows- maybe one day Afton will be stage with them!

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