Friday, May 6, 2011

Maisy is 18 months and other fun things

My sweet Maisy Lou is actually 19 months tomorrow, but we just made it in this week for her 18 month check- up.

She was weighed, measured, and given a vaccine. Then we had blood test and a brief "anemia scare" that took us to Quest for a 3 vile blood draw. Thankfully, all turned out well--- she is growing, learning, and keeping us laughing!

Height: 32 inches (52nd percentile)
Weight: 23 lbs 7 oz (32 percentile)
Head: 48 cm (84th percentile) :)

 Maisy has become such a little talker. She can name all her body parts, tell you 'no',  'yes' and just about everything in between. My favorite thing about her right is her ability to dance, sing "Elmo's World" and give smooches :)

Afton was given her "Pre-K" graduation present a bit early. Since Santa brought her 'stick-on-earrings' for Christmas, she has been faithfully sticking a pair on each morning. And after much consideration, she/we decided she was ready for a real pair. So we headed to Sweet and Sassy.

Maisy and Jeff watched on as Afton braced herself for the piercing.

And it's done! We will be cleaning them for the next 6 weeks. So far so good- she loves them and I do too :)

Finally, our beloved Aunt Jessie is getting married in June. This past weekend was her bridal shower out on the harbor in Rockwall. We made cupcakes for the party and enjoyed celebrating her engagement.

Aunt Jessie and Afton

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcakes-yummy! Recipe here

The bride and her friends

Aunt Jenn and Afton

Mimi and Afton

Of course Afton was asked to be a flower girl.

Jessie in one word... "shoes"

My pretty girl enjoying the cupcakes.

And a fabulous photo of my SILs and my MIL- I love these ladies!

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