Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer Days

We are now well into Summer Vacation. The weather has been hot so most of our time has been spent in the pool. Afton is such a strong swimmer this year and Maisy seems to have the 'water bug' gene as well.

The girls and I made a Summer To-Do list and so far we've crossed a few things off the list. Last weekend, per Afton's request, we made our annual trip to the Fort Worth Zoo.

Of all the things that the zoo offers, our favorites are the new MOLA exhibit (museum of living art.) And of course the bird sanctuary. Feeding the birds was a hit with everyone.

It has been fun watching the girls together lately. Afton is so motherly with Maisy. She loves having her near. And Maisy is head-over- heels in love with her sister.

She sings her name at night "Aton, Aton". Everything that Afton does, Maisy wants to do too. I think Maisy has almost memorized Afton's entire routine for the upcoming dance recital. She looks up to her big sister.

 Of course we do have our moments...

 But when you love someone this much, you get over it quickly.

It's a good life.

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