Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the Dancing Queen

Afton had her first dance recital on Saturday. She has spent one hour every Thursday since August learning tap and ballet. And of course, she has loved every minute of it.

I volunteered to be the "Stage Mom" for the class. It was fun hanging out in the dressing room with the girls. I helped keep them occupied until it was their turn to perform, change costumes and hair between numbers, and reapply lipstick :)

The girls were all so sweet and it was fun spending that extra-special time with Afton.

The silly pose

Celebrating after dancing on stage

Yes- those are 'Crafty Texas Girls' bows :)

She adored being on stage. It was amazing to see how confident, concentrated, and smiley she was in front of all those people. Her hardwork practicing her routine paid off- she did a fantastic job.

Afton is the one with both arms in the air.

Her tap routine was to "I Want Candy" and her ballet routine was to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"- which made me cry!

Waiting for the music to start.
 Lots of family came to the recital to support her, so Afton left with two arm-fulls of flowers. Her room in now adorned with three vases of fresh blossoms. 

She is already looking forward to next year's recital- and I have to admit- so am I!!!

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