Tuesday, March 29, 2011

13.1 miles and a 5 year old

Phew! What a weekend. After training for 11 weeks and finding the time to run a total of 186 miles--- my half marathon was finally here. I cannot say enough how much I enjoyed it. The training, the race, the physical endurance, and the mental challenge- it was simply an amazing experience.

And much to my surprise, the training paid off in a huge way. I finished sub 2 (under 2 hours)- averaging 8:30 per mile.

I raced with 4 other "running moms" and happily crossed the finish line at the exact same time with two of them. All 5 of us exceeded our personal goals and ran faster than we expected.

The Rock N Roll Half Marathon benefited Susan G. Komen and boasted thousands of runners, dozens of bands, and a special concert by Bret Michaels at the conclusion of the race.

Afton made me a sign "My Mom Rocks- Go Mom Go!"
The "future runners".

Overall I placed 1,878th out of 10,000 runners. In regards to all the women who ran, I placed 617th. And in my age division I was 137th.

Bret Michaels :)

Our team "Solid Gold" rocked that race! We celebrated our success on Sunday night with drinks and dinner at Trulucks.

Thank you to all my friends and family who supported me over the past 2.5 months. Your kind words, encouragement, and training tips helped me cross that finish line.

Then on Monday, our sweet Afton turned 5 years old! We feel so blessed that she is "our girl" and we have been given the opportunity to raise her, guide her, and watch as she blossoms into her own little person.

My 5 favorite things about Afton this year: 
1. She is so kind, caring and loving to her little sister.
2. She is crafty, creative and a talented artist.
3. She loves dress-up, dancing, cheering, gymnastics and all things fancy. 
4. She loves bugs, riding bikes, digging in the dirt, gardening and playing in the sand box.
5. She always has a song in her heart and a smile on her face.

We did a small family celebration on Monday evening at Mi Chula's, complete with sopapillas. Afton's big birthday gift was an aquarium and 3 fish! She has been dying for her 'own pet'. Their names are "Goldie", "Fishie", and "Rose Flower".

On Friday her girlfriends are coming over for a "Tangled" movie party... pictures to follow of course!

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  1. Love your pics from the race! You look beautiful and very strong in your actions shots. Your time was so impressive- I'm so proud of all the hard training it took for you to get to 13 miles! Congrats again! And Afton looks so adorable. She is beautiful like her Momma. Love you guys! Miss you.


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