Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Rapunzel Party for Afton

Friday was Afton's birthday party with her girlfriends. We lucked out when planning it because the date coincided with the dvd release of "Tangled". As you know, Afton loves all things Disney princess. And right behind that is her love for movies and popcorn :) Thus the  "Rapunzel Movie Party" was born.

I found some great party ideas at and then added a few of my own. Turning 5 is great because Afton got to help a lot with the planning and crafting.  

Her guests included all the girls in the class, plus a few special friends from outside of school, and of course Maisy Lou.

The girls came dressed as their favorite princesses. They watched "Tangled" in Afton's special movie theater that we set up in the garage. (Which turned out to be genius- because spilled popcorn isn't a big deal on a garage floor!)

The princess bounce house was also set up. So the girls kept themselves entertained with movie watching, jumping, drawing with chalk, and eating popcorn.

Afton has such sweet friends and their moms are just as great. We actually got a chance to sit and chat with each other inside. A rare moment!

When the movie was over, we gathered around to sing "Happy Birthday", eat cupcakes and open presents.

Afton got so many thoughtful gifts- books, Barbies, craft kits, an umbrella, summer clothes, a bug house, and a personalized box for collecting treasure.

Every Princess left with a big smile- and a pair of stick-on earrings!

 Yay for turning 5!

Click here for the party details and a few 'how-to' projects.


  1. So fun!! I LOVE those Pascal party blowers! What creative ideas! Happy Birthday sweet Afton!

  2. OMG i remember stick-on earings, i loved those when i was little. secondly, i LOVED the lights around the tv. so cute!

  3. Wow! The party looked amazing! You went to a ton of work and it totally paid off - the results were fantastic!


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