Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Afton had her Pre-K evaluation a few weeks ago. It is done to access "Kindergarten Readiness". And happily, she is ready and her teacher feels she will 'thrive in elementary school'! It was fun to see how much she has learned this year.

Her self-portrait on Day 1
Her self- portrait in January. It is a picture of her with baby Jesus. She LOVES to draw!
She knows all of her letters-uppercase and lowercase. And she has mastered half of her letter sounds. She can count to 29, make a pattern, name her body parts (except on that day she was at a loss for the word 'ankle'- ha!), can identify rhyming words, and hasn't met a shape she doesn't know.

Fine motor skills

Afton as real-life "Jack in the Box"

Areas to work on include following '3 step directions' and working independently (but this is pre-k, so who isn't working on this?!)

Silly girl!
She is also needing some help with recognizing numbers. Which I didn't even realize until the conference. Since she is always counting,  I felt she knew her numbers. But they get a little tricky for her when you put any number above 5 in front of her. So now we are playing a lot of "What Number is This? " and "Go Fish" to help.
The much-anticipated "Donuts for Dads"

Afton made that snazzy tie.

Since I taught pre-k, you might think I should have my kid reading by now. Maybe, maybe not. We read together all the time. And Afton likes to read the words "I" and "a" by herself :) But I don't "school" her at home. She'll learn when she is ready.

Valentine's Party

At home, we mostly play and have fun. Sometimes fun is working with numbers and letters and sometimes not. I would like her to know all her letter sounds and have those numbers down by the time she goes to Kinder- but I am trying not to stress about it. I know she will learn a lot next year too.

Afton's favorite day of school- the day "Q"and "U" got married. She got to be "Q" and a classmate was the "U". She will always remember that those two letters go together!  
The ceremony took place in the little chapel. It was a special day:)

This year has been so amazing for Afton. Loving teachers, great friends, and so many fun activities. Her teachers say that Afton is the "Princess of the Class". She always sees the best in any situation and walks around singing. (Just like a true Disney princess!)

Cheers to a great year.
  I can't believe next year she will be in Kindergarten! 


  1. Love that she's the princess - of course!! I can't believe y'all are moving onto big kid school next year. She'll be great!!

  2. I agree with you on not schooling her at home and not stressing about what skills haven't been mastered. Everyone thinks my kids are great musicians and should always be the best performers. Not so. I let them have their own interests and it doesn't have to be what I want. They'll let me know when they are ready. :)

  3. She's is beautiful and supremely blessed to have a mother who knows what's best for her! She's going to be amazing!


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