Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keeping Busy

It's crazy that we have had Maisy here for 2 weeks on Wednesday. In some ways it seems longer, in others it seems much shorter.
Maisy is a wonderful little baby. So far she has just been eating and sleeping, not really crying. Cross your fingers that this lasts! Afton is the most devoted 'big sis', always wanting to be near Maisy. She holds her, reads to her, and gives her lots of kisses. My mom is here for 2 weeks and her help has been such a blessing. It's nice to have laundry and dishes done for me, and she has really helped to keep Afton happy.

Even with our new addition, we have been out and about a lot. Fall has so many fun activities, we haven't wanted to miss any of them. The rain has finally let up and the weather has been beautiful. We took the girls to the Pumpkin Patch and Afton got to pick out pumpkins, eat popcorn, and do the corn maze.

Then we went to the Butterfly Flutterby in downtown Grapevine. The parade is a celebration of the monarch butterflies migration through the our town as they make their way to Mexico. Jennifer and I got the girls together a few weeks ago so they could make their own wings. Jeff was kind enough to march with Afton in the parade while Maisy and I watched from the sidewalk.

My recovery is going very well. I do have to say that a c-section is bit harder to get over when you have a 3 year old! I have 'over-done' it several times since Maisy was born and about made myself sick. But if I just keep resting and taking it slow, I do feel pretty good. My blood pressure is now down and I am losing a ton of water-weight. In just 10 days, I dropped 30 pounds. That preeclampsia is such a nasty sickness, I cannot believe how much I swelling I had at the end. I am so thankful to be over it and on my way to being healthy again. I know that from here on out, each day will just get better.


  1. What darling pictures! Afton's butterfly costume was awesome!

  2. Congratulations on little Maisy!!! She's so darling!!!! And, her big sister is super cute too!!! I hear you about over doing it with the recovery, I did the same thing. But, 6 weeks went by really fast and as soon as I got the ok, I started working out and I felt so much better!!! Each day just brings more healing!!!


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