Monday, September 28, 2009

Aunt Jenn's Baby Shower & Brown Bunny

This weekend was Jenn's baby shower. Jeff's sister, Jenn, is expecting her first baby in December. Jenn and Jade are super excited about having baby Analeigh. They both love kids and have had such fun being an aunt/uncle. The shower was held out in Aledo at Debbie's house. We got there early and helped stuff goody bags and play with baby Luke. Afton loved being a hostess-again. She took it upon herself to be "Vanna White". Each time Jenn opened a gift, Afton snatched and then walked it around the room to show all the guests. She loved the 'oohs & ahhs'. Jenn recieved some beautiful gifts and looked lovely. We stayed after the shower and played with Mimi and then went to dinner.

Sadly we left Brown Bunny in Aledo. Anyone who has met Brown Bunny knows that this caused a problem. Afton has never had an attachment to anything besides her paci. Dolls and toys have come and gone, Afton hasn't noticed. But after Becka's bunnies moved to Idaho, Afton feel deeply in love with Brown Bunny and her sidekick, BunBun. (Afton got BunBun when she was in the NICU.)

The Infamous Brown Bunny

We made it through the night without Brown Bunny, but the next day, tears came when Afton saw that she still did not have her. Since my dad got Brown Bunny for Afton at Barnes&Noble, we made up a story that Mimi was going to drop her off at B&N for us. We thought we were so clever. There is a B&N in Southlake, we planned on just running in, buying a new one, and saving ourselves a trip out to Aledo to get the original. Of course, when we got there, Brown Bunny was sold out. Turns out that she is the most popular of all their stuffed toys- go figure!

We had to do some quick thinking and tell Afton that Mimi actually dropped her off at another B&N. We sped down the road to the B&N off of MacArthur and 114. Luckily, Brown Bunny was there! We ripped off the tags before reuniting her with Afton. Although she was a bit suspicious at first (we told her that Mimi must have bathed her really well b/c she looked so new) Afton took the bait. I don't know how much she believed us, or if she just really wanted her bunny back, but she is happily playing with new Brown Bunny as I write this. We will get the original back from Mimi this weekend, so that we will always have an extra Brown Bunny on hand. Moral of the story: If your child loves something, have more than one of it!

Brown Bunny & BunBun- together again

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  1. Samantha - You look great! Jenn said you had made a blog. I added you to my blogging friends list...yay! I'm so glad the brown bunny story had a happy ending. :) Looking forward to the day little Maisy makes her grand entrance!


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