Monday, September 21, 2009

GrapeFest & TCU Game

We had a great weekend. On Friday, we took Afton to GrapeFest in downtown Grapevine. She loves going to the "fair". She rode a few rides, although this is the first time that a few of them looked 'too scary'. Afton is usually not afraid of speed/danger etc. But I think now that she is almost 3 and a half, she is learning that when you do something dangerous, you might get hurt! We also listened to music (Afton danced in front of the stage), ate a bunch (corn dog, kettlecorn, cotton candy, lemonade, nachos!), and shopped a bit. No weekend is complete without an injury, poor Afton got her fingers smashed in the Port-A-Potty door. It sliced two of them and hurt really bad. Luckily I had a few Dora band-aids in my purse and that is what prompted us to buy cotton candy.

Then on Saturday, we went to the first TCU home game of the season. We searched all over Fort Worth that morning for a new TCU cheerleading uniform, but they were all two pieces. I don't like the idea of my 3 year old showing her tummy and it's still a bit warm for layering. So since that will probably be the only TCU game we actually make it to this season anyway, I got Afton a pink petti-skirt and purple football shirt. I think she actually looked very chic!

Afton had a blast at the game. She loved seeing all of our friends, playing with Luke and family, watching some of the game, and running around like a wild-woman at the tailgate. It was actually the best time I have had with her at a TCU game. She was very proud to dance around in her "TCU ballet" outfit too!

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