Thursday, February 16, 2017

Valentines & Such 2017

There has been lots to love this month. 

Afton's teacher was voted "Teacher of the Year"-- so we got to throw her a little party. 

Maisy organizes 'twin day' with her friends at school. Apparently some of us moms shop at the same stores :)

Kim hosted a Valentines Party for the girls. They made slime!!!!

Afton played her first season of basketball. Her team was the Lady Hoosiers. She really liked it! 

She has been in her gym non-stop. This level 3 team is no joke! She happily got a cheer "little sis"- her name is Ella. 

We cheered for the Cowboys-- even though they didn't play in the Super Bowl. We were still rooting for them! :)

I volunteered at the Night to Shine hosted by the Tim Tebow Foundation. It was a prom for special needs kids, ages 14 and up. We cheered them on as they walked the red carpet, danced together, and just had fun. 

I volunteered in Maisy's Sunday School Class. We learned that Love is 'treating others the way you want to be treated.'

The girls made Valentine Vending machines for school. Thanks Pinterest!

And I made a big fuss over celebrating my two little Valentines. This will be the last year they are in school together. The last year I can run back and forth from their classes on party days. I will miss all of this next year when Afton goes to middle school.

Happy Valentines Day!

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