Tuesday, February 28, 2017

JamFest- Our "Cheer" Trip to Shreveport

Our travel trip for cheer this year was to Shreveport, LA to compete in JamFest. What I liked about this competition was that it was easy to get to, the weather was great, the people were fun and the girls won first place!!

We got to the hotel on Friday night. Since it was Mardi Gras season, I brought the girls a few treats for the season.

Then we headed to the boardwalk to meet up with some friends for dinner. Last year, we made a really strong group of family friends on our team Fever. Although we are all on different teams this year, we have kept up the friendship. I love these ladies and their girls!

On Saturday, we got up had breakfast (Rhino Coffee is our favorite breakfast place in Shreveport!) and set out to do a few 'touristy things'.

Enter "Gators and Friends" - this place was awesome! It was not crowded, full of lots of animals, and you could touch/feed almost all of them!


 Then it was time to get to work! We headed to the Convention Center to cheer. And Jeff took Maisy to see the floats of a local Mardi Gras Parade.

The girls hit zero the first day-- which means they performed their routine with no mistakes. They looked great!


We had pizza at the hotel that night and then woke up the next day, ready to do it all over again! We had breakfast at Rhino Coffee again :)

 And then after some fun shopping on the boardwalk, headed back to cheer. The girls nailed it again and won the competition. They got medals, jackets and a team trophy.

 We celebrated that night with swimming and fun with friends.

It was a great trip. And as a crazy as the world of competitive cheer feels sometimes-- I can honestly say this sport has been a blessing to Afton and our family.

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