Tuesday, February 28, 2017

NCA 2017- Caliente Youth Level 3

The entire All Star cheer season leads up to the biggest competition of all- NCA. It is like the Super Bowl of Cheer. And let me tell you, this event lives up to its name.

Leading up to the competition, there was lots of fun in the gym. Themed practices, parties, gifts etc.

They competed over two days. The first day was worth 25% and the second day was worth 75%. Caliente is a small youth level 3 team. It means all of the girls on the team are in 6th grade or under and have level 3 tumbling skills (back tucks, punch fronts, ariels etc.) Our team is unique because it only has 14 girls on it. Our girls were competing against teams of  30 girls, from power house gyms across the country. So the girls did what they had been coached to do- focus on a perfect performance. Their coach is a genius and she filled their routine with as many elite skills as possible. I love that it allowed every girl to shine.

This is Afton -- upside down in the middle! 
 And these little firecrackers did what they came to do.. they hit zero! Hitting Zero at NCA is no-joke.  It's hard to do. They all got the coveted "Hit Zero" buttons at the end of the first day.

Day 2 the girls came in, ready to do it all over again. Their official standing from the first day was #6 out of 12 teams. The difference between their performance versus the #1 team was only 1 point. It was a really tight competition. The girls were excited to have placed in the upper half, and their goal for Day 2 was to hit zero again and move up the ranks.

These girls didn't disappoint! The hit zero again and moved into their final position of #5. The competition was so tough this year, they were thrilled to come in the top 5-- which means they are number 5 Youth Level 3 team in the Nation. We are so proud of them and their coach. This team has come so far this year.

And is there life outside of cheer right now? Yes, yes there is. Maisy started soccer again! And seems to like it.

Afton toured her middle school-- can you believe she will be in 6th grade next year?!

And we got in some time with our Friday night friends-- love the Ashmores!

NCA was a blast this year. It was so busy with two competitions back to back. But we have loved it all!

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