Monday, November 21, 2016

November 2016

Oh November, you have been fun. The weather has been warm & mostly wonderful. 

We got another new cousin. Charles & Jennifer's son- Teddy!

There have been good books. 

And some yummy happenings in the kitchen.  

We snuck off to late night movies on school nights. 

Where we literally the only ones in the entire theater.

We celebrated Veteran's Day with our favorite Veteran. 

We have waited anxiously for the leaves to fall so big jumping piles could be made. 

Lots of fall football games.

The girls performed at the Stupid Strong Walk to raise funds for gastric cancer research. 

Maisy read some more :) 

And we cooked some more.

And even though I promised I would wait until December, we did this...

And then we went to another park.

And Maisy completed her goal of reading in front of my preschool class. She was so nervous! And she did a great job! 

And now we are looking forward to Thanksgiving! 

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