Thursday, November 3, 2016

Jeff's 40th Birthday in Vail

What's the best way to spend your birthday? In Vail!!! Jeff went 'over a hill, since he is over the hill'. Ha! 

We landed early and got our day started with a walk and lunch in Vail. Then we hiked the Vail ski slopes. 

When we stopped, we didn't know exactly where we were, how high we were, or how we got there. But after a two hour hike up--we feel like we made it to the top of something! 

Gray's Peak: Loved this day! Completed a personal best this morning, hiked up to 13000 ft elevation. It was so cold, crazy windy and so much slippery ice/snow. Grays Peak, in late October, you are no joke. We will come back and try you again in the summer. We now have a 'taste' for high elevations! 

Booth Falls: We thought this was going to be an easy hike! Luckily, the the waterfalls at the top made all that uphill huffing & puffing worth it. 😉 We had a picnic lunch along the edge of the water. Such a gorgeous day. 


Jeff- you are my favorite 40 year old. Hope you had a great birthday! 

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