Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Wax Museum & Field Day & the Colonial

No rest for the weary... and no short of 'fun' around here last week! Afton was part of the annual 4th grade Wax Museum. She was Princess Diana. She researched, wrote and then memorized a 90 second speech. Which she delivered about 30 times!

A few days later was Field Day. Best day ever for a kid. This was Maisy's first field day- and she loved it. A little rain can't keep this group down :) 

The next day-- it was the adult's turn for fun! The kiddos went off with grandparents and Jeff took me to the Colonial. We used to go all the time "pre-kids" and it was great to go back again. Just like the old days. 

And we ended the day at my favorite place- Joe T's!! Such a great way to celebrate turning 36! 

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