Tuesday, May 17, 2016

CCA Try-Outs 2016

After a fun first year doing an AllStar Team, Afton was ready to try-out to again. She recently got some new skills and was moved up to Level 3. (Back-tuck!) She had her Skills Evaluation, Skills Clinic, and then we waited for team placements. The whole process took a few weeks. Luckily she had some great friends by her side throughout it all.

And after a lot of nervousness-- her new team was announced on Sunday. Afton made a Level 3 Youth team called Caliente! It is a brand new team, a small team, made up of 13 amazing girls and the best coaching duo. She had her first practice on Monday and was so happy that she got her 'dream team'. 

Looking forward to another great season with Champion! 

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