Monday, July 1, 2013

The End of First Grade

This year flew by, I guess they all will now that she is in elementary school.

Here was the first day of 1st Grade

And here is the last.
She ended the year a bit taller and with less teeth :) 
First Grade Wrapped up with Field Day. Her relay and the tug of war team won first place. She had SO much fun.

They also had a special 'fairy tale' day to wrap up a unit study about fairy tales. Afton wanted to be Wendy so 'she could read stories to the Lost Boys' :)

I embarrassed her by asking her to take a photo with Austin "Peter Pan". "M-OM!"
She was much happier posing with Sweet Braydi "Peter Pan'
 First grade was full of so many fun memories-- I really enjoyed seeing all the amazing things she can now do. Writing and reading are her strongest subjects. She was one of only three students to score a perfect "6" on her writing. I am so proud of our girl.

On the last day of school, we invited neighborhood friends over for swimming, pizza and popsicles. We are all excited for summer! 

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  1. So very proud of Afton-what an amazing reader and writer!
    Grammy and Gramps


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