Friday, July 12, 2013

Summer 2013 So Far

I think I say this every summer, but this really might be my favorite one. We have the right balance of busy activities and relaxing. They both love swimming, reading, and playing together. It is just fun.

Dove Spray Park
Dove Spray Park
Relaxing with Dad (don't they look like twins?!)
Swim Team
Swimming Buddies
Relaxing with Mom (Don't we look like triplets?! Lol)
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Grilling Out
S'more for Dessert
Best marshmallow roaster ;) 
Dress-Making for Barbies
The finished dresses-- done entirely by Afton!
Father's Day Gifts
Happy Father's Day!
Grapevine Market

Grapevine Market

Popsicles every night (almost)


Exploring Space
Dinners Out
Green Eggs and Ham at "Yogis"

Breakfasts at our favorite spot- The Snooty Pig

Monster's University! 
Ahhh Summer Time! 
We love Summer!

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