Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Butterfly Flutterby 2011

What will I do when my girls don't want to parade down Main Street anymore? What will I do when they refuse to dress up like butterflies and let me paint their faces?

Luckily it wasn't this year! So for the 4th year, we headed to downtown Grapevine to celebrate the annual migration of the monarch butterfly.

This year, Afton painted signs and decorated her Barbie Jeep for the parade. 

We decided to go the traditional route- and wear black and orange- like a true monarch butterfly.
Plus we already had these cute outfits :)

The 'bag pipe band' made Maisy a little nervous, so she started the parade on Jeff's shoulders.

And of course the view was better from up there.

With a little help from a lollipop, she decided to ride with Afton.

At the end of the parade, the girls jumped out of the Jeep and set-off for more butterfly fun.

The crafts were a hit with this crew.

And then the butterflies were released. This was Afton's favorite part.

Finally the event wrapped up with some dancing.

And a few more photos. 

Looking forward to doing it again next year :) 

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