Friday, October 14, 2011

First time for everything

Last weekend was Afton's first concert. A sweet friend from our Texan cheerleading squad was kind enough to invite us to see Taylor Swift. Jeff volunteered to hang with Maisy while Afton and I went out for the night.

Don't you love Afton's dress? Got it at Walmart--$15!

The concert was Saturday-a few hours after Maisy's Pumpkin Patch Party.

And happily, our fabulous friend had a suite! The entire cheer squad plus lots of other friends joined in on the fun. We all loaded into a big white limo and headed to Cowboys Stadium.

Since Kristie and I are coaching the squad, we got to go along and help keep an eye on the girls. 

Afton was so excited to be riding in a limo!

 Watching the show from a suite is definitely the way to go:)

We enjoyed comfy seats and lots of yummy eats.

The girls loved getting dressed up for the big show.

They took turns yelling "We LOVE you Taylor Swift!"

 Taylor Swift is an amazing performer--lots of costume changes and theatrics. Her music is sweet and she is a nice role model too. The girls had a blast and everyone came home with a smile.

And a new t-shirt! 

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  1. She's adorable! And you look amazing, Samantha! Darling pics.


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