Friday, October 22, 2010

Butterfly Flutterby 2010

We participated in the Grapevine Butterfly Flutterby again this year. Each October the children of Grapevine parade down Main Street to celebrate the monarch butterfly's migration south for the winter. Grapevine is along the monarch's migratory path so we have seen a lot more butterflies than usual lately.

On Saturday morning- I saw two more.
 I have always wanted to make a tutu-dress for Afton, so this seemed like the perfect occasion! The wings were store bought- we just added a little extra bling.
 The make-up and Afton's imagination completed the 'butterfly look'- she flittered and fluttered all over Grapevine.
 Maisy's costume was a combination of Halloween and butterfly. (I wanted her to get some extra use from her outfit!) My friend Val made this adorable "Boo onesie" for Maisy's birthday. So I just had to make her a Halloween tutu and coordinating Halloween baby legs.  To tie in with the butterfly theme- I added the monarch butterflies to her headband!

We met up with our friends- who of course got into the spirit of the Flutterby too!

What in the world are these girls going to wear next year?!

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  1. I LOVE those little butterflies on Maisy's cute! Your girls are beautiful butterflies! So fun!


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