Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Twelve Months...

Maisy has been 12 months for almost three weeks now. Her new tubes have helped a bit with the sleeping, but now teething seems to be waking us up. She has really not slept through the night for more than 2-3 nights in a row. Thus I have not slept "well" in 12 months... which is why I am now a coffee drinker :)

Right now, her sweet smile consists of 3 teeth. Two bottoms and a side top.

Have no fear- more pearly whites are on the way. It appears that she is cutting 3 at one time- the two middles and the other side. Lord help us!

Here are Maisy's stats for 12 months
weight- 20 pounds (31st percentile)
height-30 inches (78th percentile)
head-46 cm (76th percentile)
* So still "tall" and "skinny" with a big noggin!

She is totally off the bottle and is now a better eater. Breakfast is her favorite- pancakes and eggs! Maisy's eating habits are interesting to me. Afton was not at all picky. But Maisy has a very specific palate. For example-  she will try anything with ketchup, but will only lick the ketchup off that food item. She can sign 'crackers' and so she requests them at every meal. And if she doesn't want to eat something, she will shake her head back and forth- 'no,no,no' at me.

Whenever the tv is turned on, she signs 'baby'- her way of asking for "Baby Signing Time". So cute. Her strong opinions are funny, delightful and also a bit scary :)

So far it has been an easy week with Afton. (That's how my girls do it- taking turns- so as not to overwhelm their momma.) She is excited about Halloween, collecting fall leaves, and trying to make garden snails into household pets. I LOVE that girl!

And today is Jeff's birthday! So happy birthday to our favorite guy. We are blessed to have Jeff as a Daddy and husband.  When I think of three words to describe him I would say is happy, helpful and hard working.
Thank you for all you do- I hope you know how much we appreciate you! I love you.

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