Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bluebonnets 2011

The bluebonnet tradition continues.

You might remember when I took the girls out to the bluebonnet field last year. I didn't have my 'big camera' yet, so my Dad came along as our photographer.

But now that I have a Rebel-- I got to play shutterbug.

First, let me give you a "truth in blogging" moment. It was too windy, too sunny, and Maisy didn't like it. Afton wanted to run through the flowers and Maisy just wanted to get out of them.


There were three other moms out in the field with their toddlers. All of the kids were crying and running away.

Yet, out of that chaos, came some sweet photos.

And since they were both dressed so cute, we ran over to the Grapevine Botanical Garden. But by then, the girls were just ready to play.

Luckily, they humored me and smiled for the camera a bit.

All in all, the day and the pics turned out good. And whenever I look at these, I can't help but grin at my busy, busy girls.

 By next year, I am sure that I will forget about all the craziness. 

Because there is just something about bluebonnets.


  1. Oh my, life just does not get any sweeter, prettier or more precious than dear Afton and Maisy! Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures!

  2. I love your "real life" writing. I think that picture of your little girl crying is so adorable. I love the scenery!

  3. where was those blue bonnets at? need to find a good field for some pictures.


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