Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So Much Fun

We have been so busy lately. I guess we are trying to fit as much as possible before summer ends. Here is a run-down of what we have been doing.

Another session of Dance Camp- this time they dance to what Afton calls "Hannah On-Tanna".

Several of Jeff's college buddies came over for a swim party. Love, love, love playing with all of these kiddos.

Maisy hit 10 months old and has taken off. She is doing her 'crazy crawl' everywhere. She pulls up on everything and cruises along furniture. She loves sneaking off to the stairs and climbing the first one all by herself! So the baby gate has come back out --I hate using it since it doesn't really match all my new decor :) Maisy is still my lil momma's girl. She is happiest on my hip. Maisy likes to clap, dance, and laugh at her silly sister.

Our friends, the Vezinas, came to visit from New Orleans. Emma was one of Afton's first friends, they met when they were Maisy's age. Now both girls have baby sisters. It was great to catch up and see all four girls together.

Luke and Analeigh were baptized last weekend. It was a sweet family ceremony. I was excited because I got to make Analeigh a special headband and dress and I made my first 'lil guy tie' for Luke. I love how many babies our family has right now.

The girls and I spent an afternoon at the Splash Pad in Colleyville. We packed a lunch and spent several hours there. Afton made friends with just about everyone. And Maisy loved watching the action and trying to hold onto the water.

Jeff took Friday off and the whole family ventured out to NRH2O. Afton had been earlier this summer with Becka and Manda. She loved it so much, we decided to take her back. I was surprised how many 'big slides' she could ride, how fun she was in the wave pool, and how delighted she was to float down the lazy river 'by herself'. Maisy enjoyed herself too- splashing, crawling and watching.

Finally I went to an awesome event with my friend Sara on Saturday night- it was Yoga at Cowboys Stadium. The "Texas sized" yoga class included a tour of the stadium, 90 minutes of yoga, and a concert by Alanis Morissette's brother- Wayne Morissette. It was so cool! The event benefited Susan G. Komen.

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