Friday, August 6, 2010

Moving Along

Maisy Lou is on the on the move. She is pulling up, cruising along furniture, and doing a 'crawl/scoot'. She is so happy with her self.

After a week of horrible sleeping, her second tooth finally broke through, and her mood has dramatically improved.

The shirt says it all- cute!!!

Her new favorite place to hang-out, under the table!

She has officially 'quit baby food'- preferring to eat tiny bites of whatever Afton has. I love seeing them dine together. (Penny loves it too- since a large portion ends up on the floor!)

Table for two. 

Besides our adventures in gross motor skills, we have had an easy week. Took Maisy to the doctor, played at the park on a cool morning (it was only 90 degrees), went fabric shopping with Grammy, made it to story-time at the library, and had a playdate with both Vivi and her new sister Georgia!!

We also found a few treasures at Thrift Town. I got two adorable mirrors and painted them white. I also found a cool piece of art for my mom's house. And of course while I was browsing, Afton had to loudly announce "MOOOOMMMM- that man over there just TOOTED!" Nope not kidding, and the man was a mere two feet away from us when decided to share this information with me.

I love four year olds :)

Case in point- the video below. It makes me laugh every time I watch it.


  1. Four years is my favorite age! I loved it too. I wish we lived closer to one another...our kids would be great friends. Always love it when I hear from you :)

  2. i love this! curtsy ... vanilla? she is so cute and maisy too! you guys have so much fun!!!


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