Monday, December 14, 2009

Counting Down

Now that the presents are under the tree, it is painfully hard to wait for Afton to wait for Christmas. We have an advent calendar that uses candy canes to help with the count down. Although, I am not sure Afton quite grasps the concept. She told me "We have to hurry up and eat those candy canes before Santa gets here, otherwise, he'll eat all of them." Ha!

Luckily we have lots of things to keep us busy while we wait.

Wednesday was Parent Day at gymnastics. They set up chairs inside the gym so that we could take photos and see class up-close. (Usually we watch the class through an observation room.) Afton was quite distracted by my presence. She kept turning around and smiling for the camera, shouting to me across the gym, and showing-off a bit. It was pretty funny.

Over the weekend, we took the girls to the White's Chapel Christmas Festival. Afton loved the live nativity. She was so excited to see the 'real baby Jesus'. She loves baby Jesus so much this year. We have been playing this at home too- Afton is Mary, I am Joseph, and Maisy is baby Jesus! When we got home, Afton put her on her Christmas pjs and reindeer hat (again) and wanted to hold her baby.

Take another look at this hat, I love it!

Finally our dear friend Vivi turned 3 years old! She celebrated by taking her friends to see "Princess and the Frog". The girls dressed up to see the movie, so adorable. Then we went back to Vivi's house for pizza and yummy castle cake. ( Oh and the movie was so good, especially because it took place  in New Orleans.)

So, 10 more days and counting... Maisy is getting excited too!

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