Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cake Balls!

So you know I don't cook. But I do love to bake! I made red velvet cake balls for my neighbors/friends this year. I found the recipe on  Bakerella's blog and have been wanting to make them for some time. Warning- they are amazingly delicious. I actually ate 3 of them for lunch today. Somehow chocolate seemed like an appropriate lunch for a nursing mom :)

(All photos from Bakerella's blog- her photography is just as good as her baking!)

I would recommend microwaving the chocolate, the double-boiler just didn't get it as smooth. If you nuke the chocolate for too long, a tablespoon of crisco smooths is right out without affecting the flavor. Other things I learned, use a fork with a spoon to dip the balls and remove any excess chocolate. Oh and if you make a mistake and the chocolate doesn't smoothly cover the balls, just let them dry and re-dip. It makes the hard chocolate outside even thicker, which is of course, better. Finally, I think chocolate tastes best cold, so I keep mine in the fridge.

After the chocolate coating dried, I drizzled white chocolate over them. Made them look prettier, afterall you do eat with your eyes first!

I have also made her oreo truffles for Valentine's gifts. I made all of mine into the little heart shapes, dipped them in dark chocolate and then drizzled pink icing over the tops. They are right up there with the cake balls!

Anyone else obsessed with these this year?

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