Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2 Months Old

Sweet Maisy is already two months old.  We love her more and more each day. She is now smiling! Her little face lights up with a big toothless grin.  Maisy is also able to 'coo' and carrying on little back-and-forth conversations. Maisy also likes to play in her gym now. At the top of it is a little light-up star, she smiles at him and talks to him. Afton and I have decided that the star is Maisy's first little friend.

We took Maisy to the doctor and she weighs 9 lbs. and measures 21 inches long. That puts her in 13th percentile for weight and the 23rd for height. She is a petite little girl.

Here is her monthly picture in the rocking chair. She is wearing jeans that Mimi got her- pretty cute huh?

Over the weekend we have been getting ready for Christmas. Afton was brave enough to sit on Santa's lap without any tears. She told him that she wants a pink camera and a doll house. Then we took the opportunity to get our first family picture of the four of us.  Finally we went shopping for "Toys for Tots". Afton loved picking out gifts for other kiddos, of course she managed to point out a few items that she wanted as well.

She also got to choose a present for baby Jesus. At her school on Thursday, the children will dress up like shepherds and bring a gift to lay before Jesus. The gifts will be donated to a real child, but the idea is that the preschoolers experience the idea of giving for Christmas. The gift is to be chosen by the child, so Afton picked out a stuffed Panda for baby Jesus. Afton said, "I think that would make Jesus smile!" Me too :)


  1. Wowsie! My two little angels from Heaven are so, so beautiful and happy! This is a thrill! Maisy is so pretty with that sweet smile and of course is Afton is a doll! Love these girls so much! Great pictures of the entire family with Santa!

  2. Such pretty little girls! I LOVE that newn big grin on Maisy's sweet little face!


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