Monday, October 9, 2017

Homecoming 2017

Two days, two parades. These girls have some spirit! 

CHHS Homecoming on Wednesday. 

GHS Homecoming on Thursday!

And on Friday, Jeff served at a Watch Dog in honor of Maisy's upcoming birthday. 

Post-Watch-Dogging :)

Satuday was filled with sports- Afton's teams won both their volleyball and basketball games. Afton even scored her first basket! Then Coco got a hair cut. Afton helped coach Maisy's cheer squad with her friend Hanna. And we had dinner out with the Crowley's.

On Sunday, we attended the Mother Daughter Luncheon at WC. We discovered out inner unicorn by nourishing our mind, bodies and spirits with nutrition, prayer, scripture and yoga. It was fun 'girl bonding' time. 

We were tired when Monday finally rolled around! ;)

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