Sunday, July 10, 2016

4th of July 2016

It was hotter than a firecracker-- but we had a lot of fun--with a really long weekend of celebrating.

First up- Patriotic Practice for Cheer.

Then we bought some firecrackers of our own.

(Then we goofed around in the pool with silly hair styles. )

And Maisy realized she (still) doesn't like the sounds of Pops, Sparklers, or any Firework. 

 We went to a 3rd of July party at a friend's house.

And came home to discover that the best way to photograph fireworks is with really slow shutter speed and a good tripod. 

 And on the 4th-- we hosted the neighborhood bike parade. And Maisy did us all proud by riding her bike in the parade. So fun!

 God Bless the USA!

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