Monday, April 4, 2016

Cheer Banquet 2016

The party keeps going around here. After we wrapped up Afton's birthday party it was on to a volleyball game. The Glitter Girls are still going strong!

And then cheer banquet. Maisy Lou came too--because the Conner Girls stick together!

We met up with friends before Cheer Banquet for photos and fun. 

These girls know how to do fun! 

And so do the moms :) 

Behind every great cheerleader is .... a cheer mom! 

Here is her sweet little group of Fever friends. 

The most exciting part of the night was that Afton was chosen by her coaches for the Coaches Award. It was given to three girls on her team who best exemplified the character, commitment, and attitude of a Champion. We are so proud of her! 

We found our MP Cheer friends at the CCA Banquet of course! 

 And on Sunday, we got to play with Molly a bit on her way back to Oklahoma. It was a fun-filled weekend. (Which makes going back to school on Monday really hard!)

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  1. Loved seeing all these joy filled photos of you and your girls. You area all such beauties!


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