Saturday, April 2, 2016

Afton is 10

It's so weird raising kids. You see them in so many stages of life, they go from babies to toddlers, to tweens. They become different people. And you stay the same.

Some years there are more changes than others. This year, the big 10, seems like a big change year to me. She is growing up. Becoming a new person. Still the same Afton. But so different too. It is exciting and scary. She is a sporty, girly, kind, smart, athletic, energetic, fun person. I almost have to stand on my tip toes to do her hair her now. Such a gorgeous long-legged little lady.

The birthday celebration has lasted all month. First at Grammy's house on Palm Sunday. Then at school on her actual birthday.

Then we took a break from celebrating her birthday and celebrated the end of cheer season. 

And then it was back to celebrating her birthday :) No big party this year. Just a few friends- mani/pedis, dinner, and a sleepover. 

I think she felt loved and happy with all the celebrations. Happy Birthday Sweet Afton. 

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