Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas 2015

Christmas was an entire month long-- and that's the way we like it! My twinkies went to see Santa. Maisy got nervous and cried a bit. But she was able to tell him that she wanted a purring cat and Afton told him she wanted a hover board or an iPhone.

We spent an night driving around looking at lights. We are easily entertained :) 

The girls both had fun parties at school. I was happy I got to attend both! Being their mom is my favorite. 

The girls spent the weekend before Christmas at my mom's house, so Jeff and I got to go out with friends, shop and attend our neighborhood Christmas party. 

We were fortunate to have lots of family time over Christmas break. Jeff's travel schedule slowed and he was able to hang out with his girls.

Coco turned 3 on Christmas Eve. She got these antlers as a birthday gift. Which she LOVED...

Christmas Eve was spent at church and then we had everyone over for a little Christmas cheer.

The day of Christmas we stayed home, lounged in pjs, played and just had fun.

Favorite presents this year:
Afton- iPhone 5s
Maisy- Giraffe, high heels, dresses
Jeff- socks
Sam- trip to Mexico in February!!

Merry Christmas- xoxo

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