Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cheering on the Conner Fam

The American Showdown was Afton's first 'two day' competition. It was held in Fort Worth- at the convention center. Afton's team had been working over-time to prepare. Lots of extended practices and extra days at the gym. 

This girl was excited and ready! 

Going into it- we were told the other teams were really strong. So everyone was thrilled when Afton's team 'hit zero' on day 1. (Hitting zero means they had no deductions/mistakes). 

The girls had been having a hard time with a few of their stunts, so the fact that they performed them perfectly was really exciting!! 

On Day 2, Jeff came with us. 

We dropped Afton off with her team to practice before they competed. And since we had a few hours on our hands.... we went to Joe T's. (Day-date!!!!) 

Then it was back to cheer! And the girls nailed their performance again. They even added a few extra back handsprings to the routine last minute for added difficulty and complexity. 

The extra effort was worth it. Her team came in 3rd place. The competition was stuff, the girls were ecstatic they had placed so high. Afton was so proud. 

Each night when I ask her to tell me the 'high' of her day-- she says 'cheer'. I am happy she has found friends, confidence, and joy in this sport. 

And what about sweet Maisy? She is a joy. She is working so hard at school and ballet. Her little friends are even working on a dance for the talent show in March. It's going to be adorable ❤️. 

I miss these two so bad when they are at school. I count the hours til they come home. Mom life is the best life. 

And this guy is pretty great too! 

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