Sunday, May 11, 2014

Soccer for Maisy

Maisy has a new sport, soccer. And a sport like soccer is only fun if you have a really good coach. Luckily we found one ... and this group of 6 girls have had the best season as "Unicorns". They are all newbies to the sport, but what they lack in skill they made up for in bounciness :)

The end of season party was held at a 'dine in' moving theater. The girls watched the new Tinkerbelle movie, ate popcorn-pizza-and-cupcakes, and got trophies! Each girl was given a special 'certificate' too- Maisy won the "Soccer Princess Award" ;)

It was a great season and we are hoping to get everyone together again, under the direction of Coach Jeff, and have another run as the Unicorns ;)

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