Friday, May 16, 2014

Jonah's Druthers

Afton and Maisy have been going to choir every Wednesday night since January. With Jeff traveling more, it has been a good way to break up the week. Plus the girls love to eat dinner at the church and then go sing with their church friends. Afton's choir spent the semester working a musical called "Jonah's Druthers". It's a Texas tale about Jonah. Instead of going into a whale, this Texas version puts Jonah in a 'w-ell' (pronounced with a southern twang!)
 Afton went through a formal audtition and was cast as the "Carnival Barker". She played a shady carnival empolyee from the city of sinners Nineveh. She also was part of the chorus and sang the whole way through.

She was happy to be on stage and I thought that she might never hand the microphone back! She told me next time, she wants more lines :)

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