Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

The weather was finally starting to feel like fall, so we went out to the farm to find our pumpkins.

Back home the girls were excited to get started. Afton wanted a pumpkin that had 'her smile'-- I am loving her jack-o-lantern grin ;) 

Maisy chose the smallest pumpkin-- and was only to get hands a 'little dirty'. 

While the girls jumped on the trampoline, Jeff and I finished up the work. Lol. They turned out pretty good! 

Maisy decided that Afton's pumpkin was too scary for her little "Mike Wazowski" pumpkin. (those triangle eyes!) So she snuggled him next to the 'happy pumpkin'. 

Now we are just waiting for Halloween :) 

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