Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Maisy Turns Four

Our sweet Maisy Lou is now four!

She is such a delight, everyday has been better sweeter since she arrived.

At four, Maisy is funny. She has a silly sense of humor and likes to giggle. She is a runner, a dancer, and a cheerleader. Whatever her big sister is doing-- Maisy is right there too!

More than anything this girls likes to pretend! This girl turn anything into a doll (a hand, a spoon, a tube of toothpaste) and she spends a lot of time exercising her imagination. Her favorite games are dolls, barbies, babies, dress-up, playing mother, and of course being a princess.

Her favorite things to eat are pancakes, rolls, cookies, pizza, cheezits, and occasionally some fruit. She has occasionally eaten a few green beans or the top of a broccoli. But I keep trying!

For her birthday we had a Merida Party. Which is hilarious to hear Maisy say since she still can't pronounce her "R"s. So her "Mewida Poty" was adorable. Lots of little friends, a bounce house, sweets, crafts and presents. She was in heaven.

Our family gift to her was a trampoline. We took down the little playhouse to make room. This was bittersweet for Jeff, but the girls were over-the-top thrilled.

On her 'real birthday' we celebrated with cupcakes at home. Maisy loved being the birthday girl, it will be a hard role to give up!

We love you Maisy Lou! 

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