Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day Tripping: Klyde Warren Park

Maisy and I did a little day trip to Dallas this week. After running an errand downtown, we decided to to stay in the city and have lunch. We ended up over at the Klyde Warren park. The park is unique because it is built in the hustle-bustle of the freeways. A quiet green space in a large stretch of concrete.

And because it was in Dallas, this sign made me laugh. Good thing I was wearing flats :)

Maisy kicked off her shoes and ran through the water.

She climbed and played.

The park was full of mom/kids and working professionals who decided to take their lunch break outside.

When we got hungry, we went over to the line of food trucks and ordered lunch. The lines were kind of long, so we ended up at the "Crepe Truck"-- which surprisingly sold grilled cheese sandwiches!

It was a fun afternoon. A nice escape from our usual little routine.

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