Sunday, March 31, 2013

Afton is Seven!

Every year, on Afton's birthday, I say the exact same thing. How can she be ____? But this year, I really feel like "How can Afton be 7?!" I can clearly remember where we were seven years ago. And I can honestly say, given the rocky beginning, I never dreamed her life would be this good.

When I look at her now, she looks so much older :) all of the sudden. You know when you see someone everyday, you sometimes miss things. Then you take a step back and you see things differently.

She is growing into such a beautiful girl!

She is funny and 'gets things'-- she is my little friend. She loves singing, dancing, and acting. Her heart is full and she loves to help others. She can read chapter books, bike 6 miles, and draw just about anything. We love our smiley girl.

For her birthday, the celebration was spread out over a week. Since we did Disney and got Coco this year, we decided to for-go the usual 'friend' birthday party. So on Sunday night, we celebrated with a mini-family party.

Then on her actual birthday- Thursday- we celebrated again. That day, I got to accompany her class to the Perot Museum for their first grade field trip.

After school, we surprised her with a trip to the Apple Store to pick out her very first iPod. She chose one that was lime green.  (She is already loving having all her music with her-- bike rides, car trips, or just dancing around the house.)

We finished the day with dinner at Joe's Pizza, church, and then cookie cake at home.

Friday Grandma and Grandpa took her out for shopping and dinner. She loved getting some one-on-one time with them and picking out her own clothes.

We are so thankful for our Afton May. Seven is going to be a great year!

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