Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Warm January

We have been loving our 'winter' weather. Mild temperatures and lots of sunshine have kept us outside most days. The girls have been playing together well- they are quite the team. Games like Barbies and dress-up have become more interesting now that both girls like to participate. I am constantly tickled by the love these two girls have for each other. Today while Afton was at school, Maisy kept saying "I wanna see A-ton's face."

Such sweet sisters.  I am slightly biased, but I think they are just about as cute it gets. :) I'm lucky to have such willing models for my hair accessories!

Besides wonderful weather, January in North Texas also means "Stock Show and Rodeo" time. We took the girls on Friday afternoon. Maisy loved all the animals and while Afton was impressed, she did find the smells to be a bit much- ha!

The highlight of our outing were the rides. The girls did every thing from the flying elephants to this giant fun slide. The photo below is of Jeff and Maisy taking a turn- don't worry he held her on his lap!


Hoping for more mild temperatures and fun adventures in February! 

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