Monday, January 9, 2012

It's 2012

The  new year is here and already we've had lots of excitement. First, our dear Becka got married. I can't believe my little sister went and grew up. She and her husband Josh, who is in the Air Force, will be moving to Shreveport. Not too far away, but still... we are going to miss her. The wedding festivities were all held in Colleyville.

 The girls got to be official flowergirls, while Amanda and I served as the Matron's of Honor.

 Afton took her job very seriously, and apparently so did Maisy because she joined the bride and groom at the altar for a good 10 minutes. Naturally this made me a bit nervous, especially when she started 'shushing' the wedding guests. Luckily, Jeff scooped her up and rushed out of the chapel before she threw a tantrum.

The reception was all chandeliers, sparkles and glitz. We all danced and danced and danced. The bride and groom were so happy.

For New Year's Eve, the girls went to Grandpa's house for a few hours so Jeff and I could enjoy a relaxing dinner. We went to Fireside Pies and then walked over to Mi Dia for a drink. We picked up the girls at 9pm and then spent the rest of the evening celebrating NYE at home.

Back to school was jolt to our systems, we had really loved sleeping in and playing around all day. Luckily Afton's teacher organized an "Angry Bird" party for their 'Fun Friday' activity. The kids built towers out of blocks and knocked them down with the birds. They also got to wear "Angry Bird" shirts and do all kinds of "AB" activities. I can't believe how crazy these kids go for these birds!

Saturday we kicked off the year with our first race. My mom has been working out more and even running too. She told me that she wanted to run race this year-so when I sent her the registration for the "Bold in the Cold" road race in Grapevine she happily signed up! I ran the 5k with her and a few of my running friends ran too. It was a small race, but a lot of fun. When I told Afton about it, she said "I didn't know Grammy could run!". Ha!

This year my goals include:
1. Have fun with my girls! Time continues to fly by- the older they get, the faster it goes. 
2. Invest in my marriage. We're in this for the long haul:) 
3. Make time for family. 
4. Keep on running- challenge myself mentally and physically. 
5. Eat healthier- I don't think 'baked chips' have much nutritional value...
6. Organize my pantry. 
7. Keep blogging! I have tons of new projects in mind for Crafty Texas Girls.  
8. Grow my hair accessory business-"Samantha Conner Designs"

I think we are off to a pretty good start!~ 

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