Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fancy Shoes

Highlights of the past week and a half...

"Being on Stage" at Theater Camp-The theme was cats. Afton made cat ears for her and Greta to wear for their big performance.

Cupcakes with Friends- Maisy calls them 'Happybirthdaytoyous'. Yummy!

Leopard Flats- Maisy calls them 'fancy'. They used to be Afton's and now they are Maisy's favorite shoes to wear.

A Disco Ball- It was on sale at Lowes, you are only young once right? Besides now our dance parties are sooo much cooler!

Throw in some swimming with friends, a trip to Ikea, dinner at Chuck E Cheese, and lots of crafts- and you've got a pretty good summer :)


  1. What great memories.

    Too cute!

    Love the headboard.



  2. Totally cracks me up! Love the cat ears!! :)


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