Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Soccer is Over and Maisy 'Almost' Walking

Well the soccer season has come to a close. It was a good experience- but not quite "Afton's sport". She loved the practice but didn't enjoy the games.  The whole part where you have to get a little aggressive and take the ball didn't appeal to her. 

The weather was freezing cold on Saturday!!

But we had fun hanging out with friends, being on a team, and of course enjoying celebration at the end of season.

 Afton and I made special soccer cupcakes for the team.
 We were so surprised at the size of the trophies! Afton even said, "I can't believe I got a big trophy since I barely played." Ha- I think she takes after me when it comes to team sports....
 This is when she 'thanks God and her family' for all the support throughout she season ;)
 Two silly blondes!

And miss Maisy is still "almost" walking, here is a video of her practicing. What a sweet baby--I think she needs bigger feet!

And a short of Afton singing "The Lord's Army"

Oh- one more! I think this is funny because Afton really is never jealous of Maisy.... except when it comes to her Daddy and "camera time" .

Love my Girls!!!!

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