Saturday, November 6, 2010

North Carolina!

This week the girls and I loaded up the big suitcase and hopped on a plane to North Carolina. Grammy had planned a visit to Amanda and kindly offered us tickets to join her.  Both girls did well on the plane and it was nice to have Grammy there to help.

Amanda (or as Afton lovingly calls her- "Manda") lives on Fort Bragg with her husband Preston. Preston recently returned from a year long deployment in Iraq. Now he is off again for more training- but this time he is in the US and will only be gone for a month. Unfortunately that month fell during Amanda's birthday. So 'us girls' had to come see her and help to celebrate the big "24"!

While in NC we toured some old air force planes, went on nature walks through the forest, and went to the Fayetteville Children's Museum.

Their home on Post is clean, cozy and adorably decorated.

 Her dog Patch has grown so much- but he is very gentle with the girls. Reminds me a bit of "Nanna" on Peter Pan.

The highlight of our trip was to the North Carolina coastline. We had lunch on the river in Willmington and went shopping at some local boutiques.

Then we continued on to Wrightsville Beach. The girls LOVED the beach. It was so fun to be there on a 'chilly' day. (I felt a bit like Danny from Grease sporting my leather jacket in the sand!)

 Afton didn't stay dry for long. The water wasn't as cold as we expected (although all the surfers were sporting wet suits.) I think the sun and excitement kept her warm! 
 Maisy loved splashing in the surf and chewing on a large shell. It was her very first time to see the ocean.
Amanda and I also got to go on a run together through Post. And I went to one of her yoga classes. Amanda is an awesome yoga instructor- and despite looking so sweet, she is pretty hard core. She had us hold some intense poses!

I am so proud of my sister. She has grown into such a caring, loving woman. Being an Army Wife is not an easy job! But I am happy for Amanda and Preston- and the life they are building together.

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  1. These pics are great :)! And the coat, isn't it dreamy! Garnet Hill! And the headbands came and they are AWESOME!!! I will write on them soon, my girls wear them everyday and I will certainly be ordering more as time goes by!


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