Sunday, June 4, 2017

The End of an Era

After 6 years at HES, Afton graduated from elementary school. She is super excited for her new school and her new adventure.

To end the school year, there was a 'clap out' ceremony where all the kids & teachers came into the halls as the 5th graders walked through.

That was followed by a 'Success Ceremony', slideshow and then 5th Grade Fun Day.

Maisy wrapped up 1st Grade and is excited about being in 2nd grade next year.

She had her own Success Ceremony too!

Plus a fun picnic lunch from the "In & Out Burger Truck". 

I am going to miss having both my girls at the same school!!! 
Both girls have grown and changed alot this year. Here is a comparison of their 1st day of school pics, with the last day of school pics. The year went by slow and fast. I don't want time to go by quickly, but I am honestly happy we are done with this year.

After school on the very last day, I attacked the girls with silly spray. Then we went to a friends' house to swim with a bunch of the 5th grade graduates.

Summer here we come!

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