Monday, March 27, 2017

Afton's 11th Birthday (aka Birthday Weekend!!)

An 11th Birthday is too big to contain to just one day. So we gave Afton an entire weekend to celebrate it.

It started with me bringing her CFA for lunch to school.

After school on Friday we got fro-yo and relaxed outside. Then we met Grandpa and Grandma for dinner. Saturday morning was filled with sports, cheer and talent show rehearsals.

And then it was party time! Afton wanted a small group to celebrate with. The girls hung out, then we took them all to see Beauty & the Beast.

Afterwards we came home for painting and a sleepover.

The girls paintings turned out soooo good! 

Sunday night was Afton's cheer banquet at the Texas Motor Speedway. It was a fun night.

I am so excited to see what "Age 11" brings for our girl. She is so sporty, fun, smart, cool, kind, sweet, and amazing. We love our Afton!!  

UPDATE: Since her 'real birthday' was the Tuesday after all this hoopla- we celebrated more :) 

 A cheesy #11 on her breakfast Lean Pocket.

Lots of spoiling by her teacher.

And Gigi's cupcakes for dessert. 

This girl lives the life! 

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